Friday, December 13, 2002

Today I got my weekly FoxBox email and to my surprise there was a Ninja Turtles banner! They've confirmed the date for the series debut as February 8. Last we heard from Mirage it wasn't confirmed, but I'd say it was pretty certain if Fox is promoting it this way.
Now all we gotta do is keep our eyes peeled for the action figures!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Got a page of Roulette done today. Still have no idea where it's going. I keep wondering if the wise course of action would be to shitcan the entire story and start over. But it seems like all the stuff in there that doesn't seem to belong-- mostly, at this point, the weird relationship/ish/thing between Don and Elias-- is actually vital to the story. So it stays for now.
Prioritization is a big trouble these days; some story will knock me on the head for a while and then disappear, so getting A Whole Chapter done is a challenge. Focus, focus, focus...

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