Friday, December 06, 2002

Hello, all... well this has turned out to be a pathetic excuse for a weblog, ain't it? New content today anyway. The list brought up the subject-- though a bit obliquely-- of TMNT spirituality, and since religion discussions on the list tend to turn into big smackdown contests, here's my take; here, where it's safe...
I figure they were brought up Shinto/Zen Buddhist. That's the belief system of traditional Japan; the Foot seems to be bound by traditional Feudal-era ways, so I'd guess their faith was too. I see Leonardo and Donatello both staying with that belief pretty easily; Raph I think will reject, well, anything spiritual, even though he's quite possibly the person who needs faith-- some kind of faith-- the most.
Mike I'm not so sure about. In Apocrypha he eventually converts to Judaism, but I think that has a lot to do with being a part of a Jewish family for as long as he has. But IRL... I think it would depend on what happens in his life, where he needs comfort, where he finds it. I see him as spiritual but I'm not sure what direction that spirituality would lead him. (He'd make a pretty fun Zen monk, I must say.)

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