Friday, March 15, 2002

Egad. Huginn is dead. Long live Huginn.
Once, a long time ago, I had an account on Cybergrrl. Which is still around... I think...
Anyway, it inspired me to get this cruddy little webpage on Geocities-- back then, it still had an enormously long URL-- and I put up all this desparately literary stuff...
And then cold hard reality sunk in, and along came Phishtar. Phishtar wrote fanfiction. Long and enormously involved fanfiction, that was still vaguely literary... sort of... and Phish, well, took over.
For a long time I kept the Huginn site alive, but it was in stasis. I never updated, never took care of it, never called, never wrote... ah, you get the idea.
So today I finally recognized reality and killed poor Huginn once and for all. She may unearth herself someday... but I don't know. She was smart and articulate and interesting-- even if it was only to herself-- but on the Web, my inner fangirl reigns supreme. God bless her.
And I was always afraid the neo-Nazis would think I was one of them anyway. ::shudder:: Plus people called me 'huggy' for short once in a while. ::double shudder::
(One of these days we have to reclaim Norse mythology back from the Nazis. It's good stuff.)
But my webpage is a little cleaner, at any rate, and I feel better about the page as a whole. So it's a good day.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Saw the CGI 'pilot' last night and it was amazing. How dare they kill this project? I say we create so damn much buzz around this clip that someone HAS to pick it up and make a show out of it.
Go watch it and agree with me. ;-)
For heaven's sake... how could The Next Mutation get greenlighted and this not?!?

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Andrew Sullivan has one (at andrewsullivan.com, it's highly recommended, actually, though I don't always agree with the man), William Shatner has one (honestly? I'm afraid to look), my co-worker the llama has one... let's face it. It's time I got a weblog.
Besides, I can ramble on about my stories at great length now and no one who doesn't care has to look.

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